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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tattie Holidays begin!

Its been 2 weeks or more since I last sat and wrote. Not had a spare minute but got myself a cup of coffee and some time so thought I would do an update. Normally I like to find time on a Tuesday or Thursday as I do not start till 12 but last week I was in early but YAY! On holiday for 2 weeks now. This must be the biggest plus point of working in the schools when you have young kids, you get all the holidays and don't have to worry about baby sitters.
Happy birthday to me yesterday!! One more year as a 30 something!!!! One year to get in shape!

So how do I feel its going??

I think its going good. Exercise has became part of my life without taking over ( Because I do have an addictive personality where normally I can't moderate. It's all or nothing.) I am enjoying it without the fear of stopping or it taking over my whole day lol. So I must have added just the right amount. 2 x  Zumba classes a week, walking the school run in the mornings and a nice woodland walk on a Sunday.

So how do I feel??

This thyroid is a killer. I just wish it would settle. I can handle the weight gain, bloating, all the other stuff but the achy joints is a nightmare. I am hoping that taking it easy this 2 weeks will help it to settle. Most I have talked to said its a slow process to get it settled, but once it is you feel fine again. I SO look forward to that.

The Operation??

Oh dear me, what a saga this operation is. I saw the guy 2 years ago in December. Since then its been cancelled 6-8 times, not all NHS I must add, I have had to cancel it but to one of the kids being ill then the house being flooded, but there has also been volcanoes involved!!! I just WANT it done, I want to be able to breath through my nose, not have sinus headaches all the time, just generally feel better!!!! It was scheduled for yesterday, my birthday 11th October at 8am. It was PERFECT, I have just started 2 weeks holidays so no need to school runs, No need to take time off work,  Mike had taken the monday off, and my Mum had taken the 2nd week off. So I woke up feeling a little choked up, which is nothing new with this funky nose lol, but I said to Mike on the way to the hospital that I did not think they would do it. So went in, got admitted, got the ultra sexy no back gown on, then it started going wrong. The Nurse had taken my temp and Blood pressure etc but when they Anaesthetist say it he wanted it taken again, said 37.5 was high, when it was taken again it was 37.7. so it was his call and he said no. Still feel a little bunged up today but nothing more than that. On the Plus side it was nice to meet him and the Consultant that is doing it, so hopefully will get in soon.  Sadly though will mean time off work, 2 weeks. 

The Plan??

Is to keep doing what I am doing, keep the exercise up, watch what I am eating, and enjoy the next 2 weeks on holiday. I adore Autumn and Winter so walking will be easy, nothing better than crunching through leaves  or frosted grass.