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Friday, 19 November 2010

Remember me?

OMG what a slacker I am!! I did not notice it had been so long since my last blog! I need to at least do one once a fortnight. I will I will I will ( try to remember)

So how am I?

I am doing ok now. The thyroid seems to be settling at last! Seemed to take forever. Only thing I can complain about is still tired and sweat at the slightest thing ( though working in the kitchen and doing Zumba) hmm I only sweat then lolol, maybe thats the connection :)  At least all the other symptoms seem to be settled. Got so bad after I went up in dosage,  I was almost off back thinking it was fake pills!! Need to remember to make appointments for next month for bloods. 

Sundays woodland walks
The exercise??

Still love it! love love love Zumba. Its a mental workout but its fun at the same time which for me is perfect. I love it so much I will even go alone when Sharon can't make it. Sadly though our instructor is stopping the Thursday night and we are getting a new one. Don't know how that will be as I liked the one we have! Still will have her on a Tuesday though. Went to try Body Combat as its on before Zumba on a Thursday. It would be better in a way just for the time. By the time we Finnish and I get home and showered and coffee its 10!. Went on the Sunday night to try it. Its good. its a workout. nice instructor.quieter class........... we shall see. I am hoping the new instructor will be fine :)

Been pretty good too at walking the school run with the dog and walking on the Sunday too! I plan to keep that up as much as I can.

Is it working???

 I can tell you that I see results, I can feel the results. But ( never happy) the weight is coming off the WRONG places! lol, I seem to be losing it all mainly from my lower half and thats not the big bit!!!!!!
BUT never the less! its ace! I was almost into a size 18 on the bottom, I am now in a 14 and the waist is loose! its Gooooooooooooood. On the top I am still wearing the same size but I am sure it will come down soon. But I am however loosing Inches!!! I took my measurements at the end of August before I started Zumba and walking. I have not altered my diet, just added exercise.

The plan????

To keep going the way I am going, Keep at it. Maybe after Christmas I will add a diet to it but until then I will just keep going with what I am doing :)