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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Week 13

Well I think I am still a week behind but meh! Just going to continue from here as normal or I will get myself so confused.


This last few weeks have seen me try to beat the system! I am allowed 10 syns a day and have been creeping up to about 20! The 1st week I still lost 1lb but last week saw me just maintain. That is maybe the kick up the ass I need to keep my syns in check. I am still loving the plan and find it now to be a way of life at meal times, never does it feel like a diet now, just feels like this is what I eat.Or should I say we eat as I just feed us all the same.


This has also became a huge part of my day and I adore it.It seems the more I do it the more I want it. I think Thats part of the addictive side of my personality that got me into this mess in the 1st place. Last week that saw a maintain was the week I did not do much exercise at all.The warmer days are here now too so that makes it easier and cheaper! Have dropped the gym for the summer and going walking and cycling more instead. Starting this week I intend to cycle or walk to work. Though I am off soon for 2 weeks due to my septal surgery on Monday 9th May so will need to take it easy for the 1st week. 


Last weekend saw us at Brodie Castle for our 1st picnic of the year. Started off a lovely day then we ended up finishing it under umbrellas. It was very good and I would defiantly do it next year. 

This weekend is the long mayday weekend. Friday off for the Royal wedding and Monday off for Mayday.On Friday the forecast was good so we decided to try Ben Rinnes. Its a mountain near us. The tallest one in Moray at 2800 feet. It's actually a Corbett which is a hill between 2500 and 3000 feet. Over 3000 they become Munros. It was Fantastic, very painful at points but worth every gasp for breath! The views were amazing. Each time you stopped and looked about you could see more. Did this on the day that it marked exactly 16 months since I stopped smoking! ( did not figure that out till I came home lol) Poor Frodo however is cripple today, he over did it on the hill climb, Poor dog needs a few days rest

Hoping for a few nice walks and picnics this weekend.and hoping for a nice loss on Wednesday at Slimming club. x x 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Week 12

Well another week behind as I should be doing week 13 tonight! Lost 1lb in week 12 so that was good, more so when I had been at 3 birthday parties!  I am not expecting a loss tonight

Friday, 22 April 2011

Week 11!

Oh my word, how bad am I eh? I forgot to do a post since Sunday the 9th!!  So this one will just be a quick catch up then I can get back on track with the posts and pics cause at the moment I have forgottten what I can write about!

lost 2.5 lbs this week too! How can I have forgotten to write about that.

This week also saw Kellys 14th Birthday! We had a nice afternoon shopping spending her birthday money. We then went to Jimmy Chungs and it was good at the time though.....eating it I could feel the grease and oil in everthing I ate. Ending up with a nice long seat on the toilet...............

anyways...back on track with the posts now

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Week 10

Easter holidays for me this week and next so dieting is harder than normal. Kids are off too, we are out for coffee lots, eating out lots too and this week coming is Kelly's 14th birthday and she wants to go to Jimmy Chung s! So if I can even maintain and not lose I will be happy! Last week I lost 1lb but that was simply because on Monday I started to panic so I walked 5 miles on Monday night, 6 miles on Tuesday night and 6 miles during the day on Wednesday!
 So far this week I aint done much exercise unless you count shopping.Had a great day shopping on Friday in Inverness.  I am hoping to go to the gym tomorrow morning and then get out doing stuff Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as Mike is off too, then weigh in on Wednesday night.  I am so pleased with myself for my progress so far and I will stick at it.

                                                             One of my Pansies I grew from seed

Finally got started in my greenhouse. Got loads of flowers planted up into trays. 

Got my tomatoes in. Doing 3 kinds this year only. One is a beef tomato, one plum tomato and one normal one. 

Looking forward to my other veg which is peas! I love popping the pod and eating them, I so hope they grow. 

Got my tatties in too. I am going to buy another set of the bags to grow them in as I have a good few seed potatoes left.

my tattie sacks. You plant the potatoes then as they grow you 
keep covering the new growth with soil. Once they are ready there is a 
flap at the bottom you put your hand into and pull out
as many potatoes as you need.
I find it a great satisfaction to look at plants and know that I grew them from tiny little seeds ( with Mike's help of course as he is the watering guy) he reminded me of that today so thought I better note it. I am dead chuffed with the winter pansies I did last year.
     One of my baskets, one side most of got more of a hammering this winter

 I planted the seeds at the end of the summer and planted them out in October. With the crazy amount of snow and -15 temperatures we had I was amazed to see them looking so fantastic now. 

And once again the Catnip! I bought and planted it over and over last year, in different pots, trays, composts and I just could not get it to grow! Will try again this year!