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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Getting back into it

Thought I would do a report on my 1st week back into the healthy lifestyle. Started back to Slimming on Wednesday night and exercise on Thursday. 


I never thought I would miss the diet food but wow I did. As soon as I started healthy eating again my energy levels rose and my heart burn left lol. It is amazing what a difference you feel depending on what you ram into your mouth. Don't get me wrong! I ain't perfect! No one is. Had to shove a piece of millionaires short bread in my gob yesterday. Ah well, its far better than it was. 


This is my key to weight loss. I am pretty sure for me this is it. This week started with going back to Zumba on Thursday night. Dear me though, I never thought I would of got that out of shape in 3 months. I am a sweaty person. When I exercise I am one of those that the sweat runs off me, drips off me, infact runs off me like a river ha-ha I am sure you get the point! I came out of Zumba looking like I had just came out the shower but it was ace and pumped me up to do more!.

 Saturday I went out for a walk. Walked just over 4 miles and burned 450 calories. In the afternoon I then cycled 4.5 miles and burned off 167 calories!! I will be walking now whenever I can. I was shocked as I had thought it would of been similar. Sunday I stood ironing for hours, wonder how much that burns? Monday I went to a new Zumba class in a small local village hall. It was good and will go back this week. Tuesday, I went out for a walk in the morning about the school run time and then went for a walk with my friend in the evening, We did just under 7 miles in just under 2 hours. We were chuffed! All good practice for the Moonwalk next year.

Between the Healthy eating and the Exercise I lost 3 
pounds this week! I imagine it will settle to a normal loss again. Still have 5 to lose till I am back to where 
I was before!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I am back!

Been a while since I posted, in fact about 7 weeks! I think I stopped just before the school holidays started and we are back on Monday!. Wow it went way too fast. Will do a catch up blog and try to keep it brief.

Whooping Cough ( pertussis)

If was confirmed that it was that. The blood results came back after 3 and a half weeks. It is known as the 100 day cough, so by our estimates we should finally be clear of it about mid September. Down to maybe 2 to 4 bouts a day now which is ace. Was a huge relief to have it confirmed it, was like a huge weight off my shoulders. I was sure I was going mad cause I was so convinced that is what we had. Kelly who had it far worse than me is well on her way to recovery :)


We went away for a week at the end of July. Spent our 1st night in Kendal at the Lake District. SO pretty there, had a lovely chippy supper in Windermere on the edge of the Lake. After that we headed south to our base for the next 5 nights. Crewe. We only went to Crewe cause it was cheaper than all the surrounding places yet it ended up being the best base for the whole area. While there we visited a Secret Nuclear Bunker, Chester Zoo, Alton Towers, the village of Chester, Thretham Gardens and Monkey world in Stoke on Trent. Met up with friends who had lived up here for a long time, was great to see them again. After that we headed back to Bonnie Scotland and stopped in a travel lodge near Glasgow just to break the journey. Was a great break away.


To be honest just writing DONE NONE covers it. I am going to plead a bit that the whooping cough did hinder...... I intend to get back into it starting tonight with Zumba. Then I aim for walking 2 miles a day at least!


OMG how much bread / bread rolls / pitta breads / wraps/ in fact any bread product can I cram, ram, through down my throat? I don't know the answer as I never got to the stage of having to stop due to being sick! Oh my days, I have a serious addiction to it. The more I eat, the more I want, the more I want, the more I buy. Bread is most defiantly my "chocolate". Its my fix. Its my craving! Crusty bread rolls! I am going to ask for a 24 pack for my Christmas diner!

In all seriousness though the change in my body over this last 7 weeks is scary. I have gained 8 pounds which is not that bad, I can get that off again but the changes inside is scary. I was just getting to the stage with my diet and exercise that my body was recovering, my joints ached less, energy levels where rising, and I felt and looked better. After this seven week slip I can feel it all again. My joints ache when I get up to move about however does ease once I get going. Sluggish is the word that describes my energy levels.Do I want to walk the dog? nah I will just sit on the pc while the others go. Its amazing how diet can effect your body, I am looking forward to the healthy food again!

Started back at Slimming World last night, starting Zumba tonight, back to walking tomorrow! BRING IT ON!