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Sunday, 19 February 2012

My 5 pound week

Never ever in a year since I have joined Slimming World have I ever had a five pound loss. Even my very 1st week way back at the start was not 5 pounds. When all get there highest losses in their first week I got 3.5 pounds. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scales on Wednesday night to find I had lost 5!  I am very much a cause and effect kinda gal so instantly I have to have reasons in my head as to why that happened.

1. I had stuck to the eating plan 100% for a change
2. I had done a 7 mile walk one night, the gym one morning and a few shorter walks.( but had missed out the other 7 miler and a Zumba class)
3. I was due it!

Yes I was due it......... I had not been impressed the previous few weeks. When it got to my turn to step on the scales I felt bloated and had not felt that it was true readings that I had been getting. HOWEVER I did stick to plan and it has helped kick start me again. Its amazing how a good loss can focus you so much. I want it again!! LOL I also won Slimmer of the week which is such a massive boost to the ego and self belief that you can do it.

 Since Wednesday night I have been on plan 100%. I have been good with my syns, menus, cooking. All good. Did a 7,5 mile walk on Thursday night in the pissing rain, and have another one planned for Tuesday. Have Zumba on Monday and should time allow I will nip to the Gym today. I can't walk the school run for the next 2 weeks as my friend is off to Jamaica to get married and I am picking up her daughter. So I might take the dog in the car and walk somewhere if time and weather allows.  

The weight will come off. I know it will. I have the Moonwalk in June and I will soon be in serious training for that. If I can combine the exercise and diet I should be at my target weight by the moonwalk. Until then I have set myself my next  mini goal. 4 and a half pounds will see me get my 2 stone award! 2 stone!!! Bring it on!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Slimming World friendly BBQ smothered Chicken

I am good at Slimming when I write a menu for the week and follow it. Dangerous time is when I, like today, had nothing looked out for supper. Having been good so far I decided to walk to Tesco and get something. I was looking in the fresh meat aisle and saw an old favourite. BBQ Chicken fillets. Its a chicken fillet with bacon wrapped round it smothered in a BBQ sauce and covered with cheese. There are a few names for that style. New York Chicken etc. Anyways it has always been a fav of mine so as I was looking at it I thought ......." right I am having that but Slimming World friendly" So I bought Chicken Fillets x3, Bacon ( lean) low fat plain Cottage Cheese and headed home with a cunning plan in my mind.........

Step 1. throw together some Syn free BBQ sauce. Its so nice and easy to make with cupboard ingredients. 
( also is fantastic on burgers)

Step 2. I did it in individuals but I imagine it would work in a single big dish too.
Step3. I covered with a layer of plain cottage cheese

Step 4. I covered them in Lean unsmoked bacon

Step 5. layered over the BBQ sauce and added a sprinkle of low fat cheese

Mine! Cause its me who is Slimming mine had just a tablespoon of cheese



Was delicious and very much like the normal smothered chicken. Overall I give it 9/10! a definite new favourite and for me 1syn ( only due to the grated cheese on the top which I could so without)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Eggs Eggs Eggs!

Eggs! We as a family adore eggs. Poached, fried, omelettes, hard boiled, soft boiled......... I adore all! ( only scrambled when I have been ill though) A wee while back I got my metal Chicken holder which I adore. Our eggs sit out at room temperature and we use the whole chicken full in a week to a fortnight. Since starting Slimming I have been eating more eggs which is what this post is all about and the point I am getting to in a minute.Every Wednesday I have an Omelette before weigh in at Slimming. I always have my supper before I go get weighted so at least I always feel if I have an omelette I am consuming the same amount before I step on the scales.At the weekend our breakfasts have more often now become Boiled eggs and soldiers. Love the sight of a bit of buttered toast dipping into the centre of a soft boiled egg and the eruption of soft yellow yolk oozing out and over the top! Geeez writing that made me want one again ha-ha.  I have always however wondered about Duck eggs. I have never ever tried them yet a lot of people I have spoke to have said they are stronger and richer tasting. I always buy my eggs from our Local farm shop( Allarburn I always also buy Free Range. Seeing "Caged Hens" written on anything annoys me so bad and puts me off them. So when I was there today I decided to buy my usual tray of free range  extra large eggs and I also invested in a 6 pack of duck eggs. 
                                                         My Six Duck eggs

My Egg cutter opener Gadget
We are as a family GADGET freaks and this one is ACE! I bought it just up the road in the Woollen Mill shop and its a Boiled eggs cutter opener! In fact I have no idea what its proper name is but its ace and saves allot of hassle. It's a mean ass looking thing.

It is however, going to be a tight fit on the Duck Eggs. I may have to resort to the old fashioned knife way.

Question? Boiled Eggs.....How do you open yours??