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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Moonwalk is looming


Looming and glooming is two words which cover my feelings towards this walk. 26 miles through the night in Edinburgh. I have no excitement, no enthusiasm, no get up and go to do this event now it is close. I feel sick when I think of it. It fills me with a feeling of dread. I want to stamp my feet and say " F*%^ off" to it. I think I have maybe sickened myself of walking! Sounds strange I know but the level at which I have been doing it has taken its toll on my time and its pissing me off now. Instead of thinking "oh nice a walk and chat with the girls" Its "Oh god another bloody walk" ( still adore the girls yapping though)  I will be so so glad to see the end of it all. Even having to go get a bra to decorate is a chore now. I am thinking what a waste of money to destroy a perfectly decent bra!! Dear god shoot me with some enthusiasm!! 

I am sure it will be fine! I am sure it will all come good! I know I have the fitness level to do it!  Sponsor me and make this chore worth while?

You never know I could trip and sprain my ankle before then!!! We live in hope hahaha