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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Florence Nightingale take 2......

For as long as I (and most girls at some point) can remember I wanted to be a nurse. I remember having loads of fun with ill teddies and dolls while trying to mostly bandage them up like Mummies. The years passed but I still wanted to be a Nurse. Went a bit sideways as a teenager but still managed to pass Biology and Anatomy, Physiology and Health and went on to study Biology at Higher. I was so sure of my path in Nursing then I changed it.........
I Decided to do Social Work instead!!!. Did 18 months at Moray College( as I was too young to go to Aberdeen (At the time it was 21). Would of continued but the course changed.It was all revamped and It meant a lot of my 2nd year was repeating stuff I had done in my 1st. I was pretty much AFK from college so left and got a job. One thing lead to another, 1st job in a local bakery lead to another job in a Supermarket Bakery, promotion, marriage, kids, a garden centre job which I adored then back to the Food industry to the job I am about to leave...... and here I am at 40 off to begin what I started off wanting to do.

So I am getting ready. Mike made me an awesome desk space in my bedroom. Well out of the way of distractions. I have attended a "kickstart" program at the college to introduce you to studying again. I have it again this week coming. Its been great so far. Have attended a pre- induction meeting so met some of the class mates and got sized up for my student nurse outfit.  The Books in the pic above were given to me from a good friend who is on her 3rd year now and has given me nothing but amazing encouragement to do this. 

SCARY when you see this! This is a list of "Process" words!! It was from a printout we were giving at the "kickstart" meeting. Its meant to help  when we do essays! Its explains what the question wants you to do if it asks you to......Analyse OR Assess OR Compare OR Contrast OR Define OR Describe....... I stuck it up on the wall. I imagine I will need that!

My work area all ready for action. Folders, pens, notepads..
I have 8 more shifts to work in my job then I am done. 2 induction days on the 27th and 28th of August then start on the 3rd of September. 
I HAVE to do this. I have to try. If I was to carry on and never try it I would always regret it. Now is the time. I have 3 years till my eldest goes off to Uni and this is going to take me 3 years. I will have it all done by the time my youngest starts Secondary school so will be around for that. The timing is prefect. I still have at least 25 years to work and I want to spend that years doing something I WANT to do. I want to make a difference. I want to help. I feel that this is my way to give back. My way to make a difference. I don't want to be old and think back with regret that I never tried, that I never did it. 
If I faint at the first sign of blood at least I will of tried LOL
I just hope I can do it and become the kind of nurse I want to be. I wonder what I will be like.........time will tell