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Friday, 25 January 2013

Minecraft Birthday Cake

My amazing husband decided to make our son a Mine craft cake for his birthday. After much research this is how he did it. 

STEP 1. Make a square chocolate sponge. We just used a mix that needed eggs and liquid.

STEP 2. Allow to cool.

STEP 3. Make up butter icing and colour it green for the grass. Butter icing works best if you take your butter and add to it, double the icing sugar. Add the icing sugar half at a time. 

STEP 4. Make up some Jelly and colour it blue. We made this up with just over half the liquid required to ensure it set very hard. Its not for eating, just decoration as water.

STEP 5. Take the cake and cut out one quarter.

STEP 6. Place the removed quarter on the top and secure with some Jam and cocktail sticks.

STEP 7. With the green butter icing add the grass effect 

STEP 8. Add the jelly cubes for the water

STEP 9. Finally add your figures from Mine craft  These are made by printing them off from the game, sticking them to card and folding them. This takes longer than the rest of the cake!

STEP 10. Enjoy your 10th Birthday Party Marcus x x x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

2nd time!

Gave blood for the 2nd time today. Got a nice wee badge too as a welcome back gift!
My view for 7 minutes as my blood ran into a bag. Worth it though.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back to it

Well back to college and back to the grind. I truly LOVE it. I do ADORE it. There has not been one second when I have regretted it.  I was given a very special piece of paper today. Its my time table for the next 3 years! It shows when I QUALIFY at the end! My first year is different to the one printed as that's what the "normal" University student nurses are following. I am doing my first year as an HNC closer to home to save so much travel. 

Books out and back to it!
Where I am the next three years! Bring on August 2015!