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Friday, 26 April 2013

First Marble moved!

It was a teeny wee boost to be able to come home and move my first marble. Doolie as they are called in my area of Scotland  Tried to get a pic of the "doolie" dropping but kept missing it. Instead caught one where the doolie is not even present! 
Slimming is going ok. I am watching far more carefully what I am doing. Which is hard as I am in the final month of my 1st year of nursing and I have a lot of computer work coming up. FOUR essays and a Biology exam in this next month. Exercise is what seems to work well for me, its just hard to fit it all in. Any-ways Its all gooooood :)
In it goes! My first half pound off

There its gone......

There it is! One down 46 to go!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weight Loss measurement tool

I wanted to SEE how much weight I have to lose and then to SEE the results when I lose it. So starting back at Slimming world I decided it was a good time to set this up. Its been sitting about for ages to be done.

First thing was to gather all my half pound markers. In this case it was marbles once belonging to my son. 

 Then I used the two jars I had been saving for it. Both the same. I have to lose 47 half pounds to reach my desired weight. 23.5 pounds. I am recording every half pound as it comes off or goes on.

Final place for my jars. Hope I can do a blog before Christmas of them all in the half pounds lost jar!