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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Safe medicate result!

Omg 'twas evil! Maths is officially evil!

Was in such a panic when it started that I am sure that the sums looked like.......

Did it, checked it, doubled checked it then checked it again and again.

It was all worth it.

Can relax now till final exams in maths next year.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Safe medicate

I have the first in a few exams approaching this week. The first is a maths exam on the workings of the administration of IV (intravenous) medications. I had no idea quite how rubbish I was at certain times tables until this. I have to get 100% at this to pass. It's quite a good computer designed program. As you can see...... NO calculators are allowed! Dividing is as evil now as I found it in school!
Me sitting at my PC 
One of the sums. 
My pages and pages of sums.
I won't lie, first time when I was taking the pics I got 58/60 as I had selected L instead of ml! So just for the perfect pic I did another 10 questions so I could get one with 100%! Fingers crossed it reads like this on Thursday! 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Journey to school.

It's a long long 120 mile daily drive to university for me. The road is long, tedious and boring but some days the sky and landscape are simply stunning. Like today.....

You can tell today it was not me driving as I was clicking happy. Nice to see the lighter mornings come in as these were just before 6.30am. We left the house at 6.15am for a 9am start. In till 5pm too...
Uni in the early sun


Monday, 10 March 2014

Start of a typical uni day

Arrive in the sports centre for a coffee. Always head here first as it's a lovely cafe.
Sports cafe above.
Main entrance to Robert Gordon's Univerity Aberdeen. Riverside east building. Have to enter in here at the moment due to works on the nursing building door.
Riverside east inside. Library and where we eat lunch is in this building.
Where we eat lunch.
Nursing building main foyer.
Nursing building
A typical classroom.
Lunch hall at busy lunch time below
Heading into a lecture theatre for a cancer lecture
Finally some of us waiting on it to start.

Monday, 3 March 2014

First spring outing

Babyface aka Sandy got her first taste of spring sunshine today.

Musical Marcus

We were treated this evening to a wee recorder musical from Marcus. He has been picked to play a recorder solo at the Moray Music Festival tomorrow. He is the only boy from the school playing so we got a wee listen as he rehearsed.

On to the next one....

As one essay is handed in, so the reading begins for the next one. 

I have to pick a local area and research it's make up. It's population, health, drug issues etc. not sure yet how I will get on but I am sure I will learn something on the way.