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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Odd week

Its been 9 days since my last log in and I have a few things to write about.

Exercise! I am failing!!!!! I WILL fix it, I WILL walk to school again! I will I will I will!!! Never walked one day last week. Excuse after excuse I used, was running late, it was wet, it was raining etc etc! No good! and so far this week its been the same. Not good enough Karen!!!! Though I did both Zumba classes last week.. Thursdays I did not enjoy so much as I had a meal out with the ladies from work before it. We went to Brewster's and I really enjoyed it. Had smothered chicken......yummy. But heading straight to a Zumba class was no fun, I felt sluggish and doing all that bouncing with a full tummy kinda killed it, so I won't be doing that again in a hurry.
The weekend once again saw me do nothing apart from housework and ironing. I aim this week to do most on Friday Night then see if I can get out for even a walk on Sunday. I need to pull my finger out

Monday saw me ill!" in fact so ill I could not work!!!!!!!!!!! not like me at all. Could only stay away from the bathroom for 5 minutes max from the wee small hours until 9am ish, Went for a sleep and woke up feeling as if I had been though a mangle, then a washing machine on high spin while being hungover! it was terrible.

Tuesday I went to the Dr for my blood test results. Seems its still showing as under active so he has doubled the dose and I am not back there till December.Hope to see a further difference now as time goes on.

Also with no walking so far this week I did not go to Zumba on Tuesday morning. Having been off work on Monday I did not want to jiggle and wiggle my belly all over after having spent Monday on the toilet! So will do it double on Thursday.

Checked my weight this morning and lost another 2lb it says but I am not sure it will stay off, the lack of exersice this week I think will put some back on next week. But here is hoping :)

Monday, 13 September 2010


Bit of a boost this morning, Lost 2lb last week!! YAY! go me! So now instead of 4 stone to lose I have 3stone 12!. But having this thyroid problem it may go back on!

Did not bad last week. Missed out 2 days of walking to school. Well one as I wont be able to walk on a Tuesday as I head from School to Zumba. So missed out one day and did little at the weekend again! apart from ironing lol.

Loved doing the 2 classes of Zumba last week though Thursday was a nightmare. I have never sweated like that I cant remember when. I looked as though I had just stepped out the shower! The sweat was dripping off my head, my hair was soaking wet, when I sat in the car to drive home I realised that my back was soaking too! Lucky no smell lol, just sweat! I looked it up and its connected to my Thyroid. So not much I can do about that apart from take a towel next time.

About the Thyroid I am even more chuffed to have lost 2lb having to suffer this underactive thyroid too. I am in this week on Tuesday for the next lot of blood tests to see if its settled at all. I am not sure how I am meant to feel if its regulated, do I still feel symptoms? Cause I do but not as much as I did, so I am not sure if that means its as fixed as it is going to get or if I can get less symptoms. I am sure time will tell. I get the bloods this week and see the Dr next week.

My plan for this week is..........Zumba Tuesday and Thursday again, and walk the school run Wed, Thur and Friday. 

Weight 14 stone 2lb

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The exercise began!!!!

Its been along time since I felt fit. Not just fit but well and fit. During August I was diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid. This explained loads to me. 

  • feeling tired and sleeping a lot
  • feeling the cold easily
  • dry and/or pale skin
  • coarse, thinning hair and brittle nails
  • sore muscles, slow movements and weakness
  • a hoarse or croaky voice
  • problems with memory and concentration
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods

 The aching pains in all  my joints and bones where explained!!!! It was an ace feeling to know that I was not going mad and it could be fixed with pills. Its not great yet but getting there. Once I am up and on the go its easier but getting up and on the go is hard going. So I knew that exercise would have to be slow and steady...........boy was I wrong!!!! Straight into Zumba!

Staring 2 weeks ago it all began! ZUMBA! Started going on a Thursday night with Sharon ( who's blog inspirered me to do this and who is also 40 the same week as me) . First night I fell in love with it! The latin beat music, the sexy moves, the speed of it...........for me it is perfect! Its exercise but its FUN.

Also since the schools went back I have made Kelly walk to the Academy which leaves me free to walk Marcus and Frodo ( the dog) to school. Works out about 1.5 miles a day(guessing). I am sure though that I will buckle and give them a lift in the rainy days. I would walk to my own work or cycle even but I would be pushing the time for getting Marcus if I was late out any day. So that can wait till he is a little bigger.

Another plus is my new hours at work. Working at 10 on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday gives me less time to sit at the PC and nibble. Instead I am up working and having a nice balanced lunch.

This week is my 1st week of TWO Zumba classes and new hours combo! Lets hope I get on ok!

Weight still 14 stone 4 lbs!!!

Blogging my way out of my 30's

Thought this might be a nice way to start having seen a few of my friends do this. They have their own reasons for bloging and I have mine too. I am hoping I will keep it updated .........only time will tell.  

Where to begin???

The last 9 months have been life altering in some small and large ways. The biggest was giving up 40 a day cigs. That took time and effort on a different level to anything I have ever done before. Having done that I want to use that same determination to get myself back into shape. Kicking the fags proved to me I CAN do whatever I set my mind to.

Reasons for it??

For too many years I have sat at the PC smoking and playing a damn addictive game called World of Warcraft. It took over my life for way too long. I did however make some awesome online friends and met a few in person but sat on the PC forgetting about the ace mates I have right here :) I would rather of played WOW than went out for coffee.........that now has changed! I am never in and took the step and cancelled my account.

Why now??

The years of neglecting excersise and smoking have finally caught up to me and now when I look in the mirror I do not see the real me. I see some big girl looking at me. I want to see ME again. Never will I be the super fit athlete I once was but I am going to try damn hard to get as close to that as I can.
Suppose its time now, I am fast approaching the end of my 30's and have set myself the goal of hitting my 40's looking good. I have beaten fags, now to beat the fat! which gives me 13 lose 4 stone..........

How to do it??

Step 1. Get the Thyroid Medication sorted, once that is regulated hopefully should be easier ( Underactive Thyroid)

Step 2. Get the Septum straightened. Getting done on my Birthday 11th October, this will make breathing easy again. I can seriously feel it when I exercise. It will make a huge difference.

Step 3. Watch what I am eating! I am terrible, I like HUGE portions. LOVE tatties and bread.... I need to cut this down. 3 meals a day, snack on fruit, honestly, just a simple sensible diet which I almost do have, just the portion sizes. If however I feel I am getting no where I shall head to a slimming club for a "kick start"

Step 4. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!     My biggest downfall till 2 weeks ago. This I feel for me is my turning point. I need to simply do it!

Weight 14 stone 4 lbs!