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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Week 9

Kinda have a lot to yap about this week. Maybe I will need to start doing smaller posts in the week instead of a long one once a week. Otherwise I will forget what I have done and it takes a while to do.

Last week started off normal but on Thursday at work I could feel my belly was not quite right. By Supper time I had to get to bed. Had a terrible tummy bug that lasted into Friday. I hate taking time off work too but had to take Friday off, I would not of been able to cope plus also working with food I would not of been allowed to work. So Thursday and Friday I lay low. 

Saturday I was back in the land of the living outside the toilet, did the menu for the week, did the housework, the shopping, I was doing the ironing when I remembered about it..... 

A few weeks back in the P&J there was a little notice about a SIGMA meeting ( Moray's Astronomy Club). It was in Lhanbryde and was free to the public. It was to show mostly Saturn as you would be clearly able to see the rings because of where it was in the sky. It was however pouring with rain. But at 7.50pm I decided we were all going anyway. It was very interesting. 2 guys did talks, one about what you would of seen outside had the weather been ok and the 2nd was about the moon,  got a coffee too! 1st club meeting is tomorrow night ( Friday 1st) and on Saturday there is a guy doing a talk in Nairn about Black Holes! As anyone knows it aint me that is into all this ( though I was completely engrossed in the talks) it is Kelly who loves all this. She has her own telescope and adores the whole Physics behind space. One of her chosen career paths at the moment is an Astro Physicist.  The talk tomorrow is discussing Einstein's Theories, Right up her street and right over my head but I shall go. You never know I may learn something!

Sunday was MY day! Well mine and my best mate Tracey! It was ACE! Went to Aberdeen with NO kids! Went shopping, it was great to be able to just wander the shops. You forget having kids you are always doing this at a speed or heading to the toy section or kids clothes. Bought myself a new jacket too! Ate out at Frankie and Benny's! Decided after being ill, and since it was a treat I would have whatever I fancied so I had Potato skins with goats cheese and Bruschetta, then Chicken breast with cheese and bacon smothered in a BBQ sauce! WOW it was goooood 

Then went off to see the X-Factor tour! X-Factor was brilliant. For me, Cher, Aiden Grimshaw, One Direction and Matt Cardle were fantastic! Was a fantastic day. Got home about Midnight so kinda with that and the clocks changing I was kinda shattered the next day but it was ace.
One direction

Monday blended into Tuesday rather uneventfully then came slimming on Wednesday night. I had geared myself up for a gain cause after being ill I was eating any crap I fancied. On top of that the meal out on Sunday and I had done no exercise at all! When I got on the scales I had lost 1/2 pound. Its not much but it was a better boost than a gain! Sent out my usual text to my usual crew then settled down for the class. New recipe book coming out next week, I cant wait!. Then at the end I was called out as being Slimmer of the month! I was so chuffed. Talk about beaming from ear to ear! What a boost it is. its made me so motivated to keep going. 

 Even this morning I was out in the torrential rain walking. Did 3.3 miles! Thats devotion for ya! Can't wait for next week now as I am going for a good week I hope.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Week 8

Well the first big mile stone has been reached! Losing my first STONE! Got my little blue sticker on my book tonight to prove I have lost it! I was happy with myself. I was pleased I got it. But it is just the start,in a dream world I have another 3 to lose!!!!. One at a time is the way forward for me. 

Going to keep setting myself little milestones so it does not seem such a far off unreachable goal. My next mini goal is to get into the next stone bracket! ~That for me will be a huge boost! To be 12 stone something! Even if its 12 stone 13 and 3/4! I don't care its still 12 stone!
 Then after that is my Club 10 which means I will have lost 10% of my weight, that will be at 12st 12 lb.
 Then after that is my Stone and a half award at 12st 11lb, then after that is a little way to my 2stone award at 12st 4lb.   Mini goals are my way forward. They made it seem more reachable.

Exercise is defiantly playing a huge roll in my weight loss. This weekend I dusted off my Bike and headed out Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a test of the bike carrier so just nipped to a local forest. It was ideal there for Marcus as he is just gaining confidence at cycling. Did a nice 4 miles there.
. Sunday Kelly and I cycled to Lossie and back. 11 miles!That was painful! On the ass I mean! WOW when you aint been on a bike for a while and sit after it OUCH is the world!

 Still do Zumba once a week and try to walk the school run every morning. I am so looking forward to the clocks changing this week so I can get out in the evening too. I will be walking and cycling round Elgin at nights! Spring is coming!!! 

The light nights means I can get out into my new greenhouse! We tried out a little walk in one last year, it was ace fun. We grew our own plants from seeds, grew tomatoes, onions, carrots etc. It was just a cheap thing from In-store £14 I think it was. By Autumn it had to go as the wind and wear and tear had got to it. 

But my Mam got me a nice one from Dobbies! Similar style just a bit bigger. Can't wait to get going in it. Went today and bought seeds though I have no compost yet ha-ha. Not going to do loads of veg this year, just mostly my own flowers and of course tomatoes and salad veg. 

Have got some seed potatoes and the bag things you do them in. Dad did them last year and they were lovely!

Still loving my Sports Tracker for my phone and use it all the time! Even when I am doing the same route ha-ha! got to love gadgets!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week 7

Well week 7 was a good week, got so drunk I cant remember getting home, walked so far my legs ached for days and yet through the munchie hangover on the Sunday still managed to lose 2lb! 

Friday was my poor long suffering husbands birthday so made him a rather healthy ish birthday meal which the kids plated up for him. That sounds OK till you imagine Marcus trying to put together Prawn Cocktail! He HATES the feel of things, anything out of the ordinary kinda freaks him out so him putting iceberg in a bowl followed by prawns then spooning over the sauce was funny. Wish I had taken pics of him now or even better the slop that was Mikes Prawn Cocktail. 

Started off a nice day on Saturday

Saturday was a nice start to the day, seemed fair so got the sports tracker on and dragged the daughter out for a walk! The plan was to head to the town, meet my Mam for coffee then head on to the Boots at Asda then home. Got to the town and I got a message from my Zumba buddy Sharon if I fancied a walk to lossie and back in the afternoon. Knowing I was going out at night to the pub I said yes as I planned to burn off the Vodkas before I drank them :) So off we went! WOW it was some walk, just over 10 miles!!! But half way round the weather turned. We where hoods up, heads down and the snow was pelting us. When I got in, I had to sit on the stairs and get Mike to peel my jeans off. My legs were bright red! and oh my word they were aching. Even Frodo was cripple by the end. Here is my Sports tracker for the walk

My poor feet at the end

Heading down the Lossie Cycle track

Headed out on Saturday night and never took my jacket off the whole night! Don't think I heated up from the walk. But by the end of the night I was fine I  AND to top it all off I walked home! When I added up the 2 walks in the morning, to the town and back, the epic journey with Sharon and walking home it was almost 14 miles. Thankfully I had plenty of Vodka to kill the pain. I had a great time, met in with a work mate and had a good laugh with her and her husband but hangovers suck!  Suck so bad I think it was Tuesday before I had fully recovered. 

My aim this week is to lose my 1 and a half pounds so I can get my 1st stone off!!! Its seemingly a good forecast for the weekend so hope to get out for a few walks and get out on the bikes and try the carrier out. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Week 6

3lbs off this week! Thank god for that. That 1 pound I had put on was getting to me lol. So got it and another 2 off! I am very happy.10.5lbs so far now! Got a new recipe that was a hit with us all this week. Balsamic glazed chicken with Paprika potato slices. Will DEFO be making that again.

Exercise picked up again this week, which I think was the reason for the -3lb. Got a new application for my phone called Sports Tracker.  Its cool to see how many steps, distance, height you got to etc. This is our Sunday walk. It also tracked the pictures I took on the walk and where exactly they were taken! Its ace! Makes it more addictive.

Need to get back into the gym this week too. Been slacking there. But have been walking so not so bad. Bought a new cycle carrier too so need to get that figured out. I love cycling so cant wait to get to the woods with that.

 Also intend to make use of the mountains about here this summer and wander up a few! Here is a view from the one we are doing 1st! This one is called Ben Rinnes and is just 10 miles away!  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in Scotland, its such a beautiful place.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Week 5

Ahh well it was all going too smooth. Gained 1lb last night. Yeah yeah its just 1lb, but oh my word, was I in a bad mood about it. Went over everything in my head, what I had eaten? what was wrong? what was different about getting weighted tonight over last week? period due? etc etc etc and well I could give a huge list of excuses but hey ho! Its 1lb and I will work my ass off for next week, starting with Zumba tonight.

Have tried a few nice recipes this week, a few not so good ones too. Had Chicken Enchiladas tonight which I loved , Mike and Kelly ate them but I don't think they would rush to have them again. The Meatloaf from last week was a hit and requested again so its on tomorrow night. I am still loving the cooking from scratch side. Its an eye opener as to what goes into all the food you normally pick up in the super market.  Need to get back on track this week and start throwing fruit down my gob again.

I have found that planning the weeks Menu is a very good way for me to keep ontop of meals. I sit at the weekend and write it out, then shop for anything I need, less wastage, and more pocket friendly ( well it will be once my herbs, seasoning's and such like are all bought) Just when I think I have it all a recipe asks for 3 I don't have. Did make a big error though. Did a lovely pork chop marinade the other night which needed ground cloves. I only had whole cloves so though ahh they will do. I was careful to shake the chops before I cooked them but poor Mike, Bit into one of his chops and right through a whole clove. He moved at some speed to the bin to spit it out lol.

Had a lovely walk on Sunday with my Zumba buddy who is training for the Moonwalk. Joined her for 3 miles of the copper park. Need to get to the Gym Sunday and Tuesday this week as not been last week. Exercise is my key to losing weight. Also going to see about a bike carrier so we can head to the woods ( Culbin and Roseisle as they are mostly flat for Marcus) and me lol.