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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Week 17


Diet has been just OK this last week. Decided to get back into it by writing it all down. It was an eye opener cause though I was thinking I was doing good I was still way over with syns. I am meant to have 10 a day so 70 a week at my disposal, last week I used 89. Need to get back on track with the eating starting tomorrow. I say tomorrow as I have my School Reunion tonight as we all turn 40 this year and we are starting it off with a meal then loads of alcohol. So tomorrow it begins. I have lost almost 1 and a half stone so far! Half way point now so need to get my finger out again.


I have done NONE. I have done NOTHING. I am LAZY. Its been been 3 weeks since my operation so I should be getting back into it now but I haven't. BUT as a good reason I have a terrible cough and sinusitis which just after my op is not good. I have a prescription for anti biotics from the Dr but going to see how I get on over the weekend as generally Anti biotics do little for Sinusitis. I have a terrible dry cough which makes my sinus above my eyes pound when I cough. Cause of this I missed Zumba but I so need to get back into it. I think on Monday all being well the walking will start again. 


Kelly has been away from us for the 1st time! She has always been a home bird and the odd night with her grandparents and I can remember 2 occasions when it was 2 nights! This is 5!!!!! She is off with her school to Holland. She is due home tomorrow at supper time. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Week 16

Well what can I say, another gain this week but it was small and I am not shocked.1/2 pound this week and 1/2 last week so that's 1lb in the 2 weeks I have been off. I have not been active at all and been a couch potato too. Been lying on the sofa watching the discovery channel while eating chocolate and crisps. Have also been out twice to cafes and had a huge scone both times. My meal times always seem to be good though which means I should slip back on plan with ease ( I hope). I also think once I get back to work it will be easier too.

This weeks plan.

I intend to get back on track with the eating and start to get exercising again. Don't know about Zumba tomorrow night as its high impact and my nose is still a bit tender. Definatly going to get out walking starting tomorrow. Here is hoping my post next week will have pictures and a nice weight loss

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Week 14 and 15!

Well weeks 14 and 15 have blended together yet again. Week 14 seems to have left no lasting memory apart from losing 1.5 lbs. Week 15 which is this week past I can remember so will blog that one.

Week 15 saw finally my nose operation getting done! 2 years of waiting, cancelled dates and getting sent home! So Monday the 9th of May was it.

 My Septoplasty.

Septoplasty is a corrective surgical procedure done to straighten the nasal septum, the partition between the two nasal cavities. I have always struggled for as long as I can remember to breath out my nose. The slightest touch of a cold would leave me completely bunged up. On a good day I would get breathless climbing the steps and always feel like I had sinusitis.

I went in at 7.45am and was told I was 2nd last on the afternoon list! As it was I got taken at 1.30pm to the theatre and was out at 2.30pm and back on the ward at 2.45pm. I was on a drip when I woke as I had been so long without fluids and it was a warm day. In the Anesthetic room they had major issues getting a vein so I have a few extra bruises! 4 in total lol.

 I was shocked when I got it done as when I came round in recovery I could kinda breath out my nose ( right side only) but this did help with swallowing the coffee and toast which was lovely. Because of the type of surgery, which meant my nose was 
dripping blood allot, I was last to leave the day care ward at 6.15pm!
It seems that when I was younger the cartilage on the left side on my nose did not stop growing and ended up buckling and blocking the left side and pushing the right. This was how it was blocked.

Recovery so far has been fine. I have not had to take painkillers at all. However a few days later I was in some discomfort with an extremely dry and crusty feeling up my nose.I searched on the web and then went a got a basic Saline nasal spray. That and shoving Vaseline up my nose is easing the discomfort though not removed it. I want to snort it all out but its too sore and too early to do that yet so I will just keep the inside of my nose moist till then.

Got myself a new pair of walking boots yesterday as my others were too tight to allow me to wear proper walking socks in them. Wanted to try them on so went for my 1st little walk last night. A slow 2 mile wander round the woods but it was ace to get some fresh air again. My aim with these boots is to bag a few Munro's ( mountains over 3000 feet) this summer. Plan to do a few in the Cairngorms as its pretty close to here. Might even thinks about Ben Nevis! as its not too far away. Can't wait to get more active again. ( Never thought I would see the day I would say that LOL)

Dieting......Has been hard, gained half a pound last week which I reckon is all the toast, and junk I have been eating while lying on the sofa watching Discovery channel all day. Though I did have the company of my cat Barney who seemed to love my being still and on the sofa for a change.

I don't expect to lose this week either as until I can get out and walk more ( which should start on Monday). I aint bothered its a 2 week recovery from this surgery and I intend to relax and enjoy it. I can make up for the 2 weeks later on :)