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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011 My year in review

2011 began with great intentions.Having just hit a year mark since I stopped smoking I decided it was time to get in shape, lose the mass of fat and get fit! 2011 was going to be my fitness year. What better year to pick since I would be hitting the big 40 in 2011 and to become 40 looking fit and fab would be ACE! Oh well.........

January~ saw me start with the aim on Fitness! I went twice a week with my friend Sharon and was doing Wii fitness on the other nights. Was making no difference as I would just eat all the normal things I have always eaten
February~ 2011 saw me join Slimming World. I had to control what entered my mouth so I went along to a  slimming world group.Took a couple of weeks to get into the swing of it and we as a family have not looked back. Even in the weeks I am somewhat not following the plan completely we still eat more healthy than ever. I still go and in fact am off there tonight.
March~Fitness became a huge part of my life. Zumba twice a week I adored and walking was something I was enjoying with the help of my friend Sharon.  The mucky boots below were after a 10 mile snowy walk with Sharon one Saturday. Finding a good app for our phones helped. At the time I used Sports Tracker but have now swapped to Endomundo. Its wicked to see how far you have walked, at what speed and how many calories you have burned.

April~Below was a huge triumph for us as a family. On April the 29 th we could not stand to watch the Royal Wedding so we saw it was a good forecast and we climbed the biggest hill in Moray. Ben Rinnes. What an amazing feeling to get to the top and see the views! It was not easy at all nearer the end but had a lovely picnic at the top.Below is a view from the top.

May~FINALLY after years of waiting in May I got my septum straightened. I can honestly say I do notice a difference and it was almost a pain free experience!

June~THEN IT ALL WENT WRONG! MAY/JUNE........... My daughter and I ( son had it slightly) took Whooping Cough! What a viscous cough that is. Its a terrible thing I would not wish on my worst enemy. 100 day cough it used to be called and this is how long it lasted. NIGHTMARE! I put myself forward to get the blood test to confirm it was that. Got the results in July and finally got rid of it in September! EVIL. During this time I kept up  with the walking but the weight just remained about the same. 

July/August~ Still coughing we shelved our camping plans as we did not think sleeping in a tent would be that good for our coughs so we heading south and stayed in a hotel instead. Had a fantastic time visiting Chester, Alton Towers and stoke. Met up with a good friend who moved down there. Spent the summer chilling, picnicking and fighting off Whooping Cough

September~ Grew our own tatties this year, so tasty! September saw me recover from Whooping Cough, get back in to the Slimming and fitness. Started back at Zumba twice a week and walking twice a week too! It was all going too good....

October/ November~ 40 came with a wonderful iPad and weekend away with my husband. Had a great time.. After having Whooping Cough I was not as slim as I had planned to be but I was feeling far better so after the weekend away I returned to slimming. Looked out all my books again and got ready to shed a stone for Christmas

THE DAY after I started to feel ill again and Oh Dear me I took the mother of all Chest infections. I have never had one before and dear god would never want one again. I am sure the combo of having stopped smoking and whooping cough must of weakened my chest but there is no proof of that. 6 weeks I was ill for! Signed off my work for 5 weeks. It completely floored me. Whooping Cough only affects you when you cough, this was the complete opposite I never had a cough but was so weak. It has taken me till now to feel myself again.I got a chest X-ray as the Dr was concerned about the noises and rattles in my chest and rightly so. It showed a shadow in my right lung. I was sent back for a 2nd one on the 19 th December and got my results today 28 th December. All Clear!! :) 

December~ So Christmas came and we were all well! Which was the biggest blessing after a year of what seemed like constant illness. Now all that remains is to bring in the new year with hopes of better health than last year! 2012 will see the Slimming continue and the fitness start up again and I am sure endless boring blogs about it. I am planning a few Marathon Walks this year while I am 40.  The 26mile Speyside Way Kilt walk in May and the Edinburgh Moonwalk in June. Fingers crossed x 

Happy New year to all!


  1. i like your life, well done on it.

  2. Hi Karen,you sound like you are doing really well. I saw you crossing the road in front of me the other day and you look fantastic, so well done girl. I have said it before, but you are an inspiration. Will try and follow in your footsteps for 2012!!

  3. You've done brill Karen - you have had a few hicips over the last few months with your health - but you are still fighter and lighter than what you were when you started in January and that is a great achievement!! Well done you!! Bring on 2012 - we will both be walking our wee socks off xxxxx

  4. that was meant to say FITTER and lighter lol!!!!