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Friday, 10 February 2012

Slimming World friendly BBQ smothered Chicken

I am good at Slimming when I write a menu for the week and follow it. Dangerous time is when I, like today, had nothing looked out for supper. Having been good so far I decided to walk to Tesco and get something. I was looking in the fresh meat aisle and saw an old favourite. BBQ Chicken fillets. Its a chicken fillet with bacon wrapped round it smothered in a BBQ sauce and covered with cheese. There are a few names for that style. New York Chicken etc. Anyways it has always been a fav of mine so as I was looking at it I thought ......." right I am having that but Slimming World friendly" So I bought Chicken Fillets x3, Bacon ( lean) low fat plain Cottage Cheese and headed home with a cunning plan in my mind.........

Step 1. throw together some Syn free BBQ sauce. Its so nice and easy to make with cupboard ingredients. 
( also is fantastic on burgers)

Step 2. I did it in individuals but I imagine it would work in a single big dish too.
Step3. I covered with a layer of plain cottage cheese

Step 4. I covered them in Lean unsmoked bacon

Step 5. layered over the BBQ sauce and added a sprinkle of low fat cheese

Mine! Cause its me who is Slimming mine had just a tablespoon of cheese



Was delicious and very much like the normal smothered chicken. Overall I give it 9/10! a definite new favourite and for me 1syn ( only due to the grated cheese on the top which I could so without)


  1. I can confirm the validity of said review. It was delicious as has been reported.

  2. YUM, I am going to try that! As there is only one of me, can I make it with commercially prepared bbq sauce or is that cheating too much?
    Jacqui M

    1. The sauce is worth making. You can freeze half, keep it in the fridge and have it hot and cold for a few days.Its delicious on a burger, in a ham sandwich as a pickle, or warmed as a pour over sauce. Its extremely tasty. But as you don't need to lose weight as you look fantastic as you are, you could get off with shop bought but its worth making the one I posted

  3. That looked really good. I am not sure what one of the items wason your bbq sauce. Our bacon here is different but we have an English butcher that we have started to go to and I think they have your kind of bacon. Im gonna try it!

    1. was the 8oz of passata? that I wasnt sure what it was. Is there an american version of it?

  4. Passata is only sieved tomatoes. a tin of chopped tomatoes will do x