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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

I am normally neither for or against the Monarchy. This blog is not to discuss or argue whether they should or should not be here its simply some pics of how we as a family got caught up in the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.  
A lovely fragrant bunch of Stalks wrapped in Union Jack Paper with the flag, I bought these for my Mum as a thank you for the lovely Picnic she made for us to have on the Tuesday. 

Marcus with some cool Union Jack sunglasses on with a plate of fabulous fresh  cream meringues. 
Just too cool!
Paper Doilies! No British home should be without them for everything to sit on at celebrations!
Marcus at the Beacon. Lit in Elgin on the Monday night.
One of the 4000 Beacons lit around the Commonwealth. 
Proud Mother moment as Kelly ( in green holding the sign) lead the WRVS though the town in the Diamond Jubilee Parade. She does volunteer work for them at the Hospital Shop/cafe. 
Finally Myself and Marcus who is devouring a Hot sauage roll waiting on the parade to pass. Old Fire engine below was one that trundled past