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Friday, 7 September 2012

1st week as a student!

Well it finally happened! I became a student. After what seems like forever thinking about it ( well the last 2 years) it arrived. I had my induction days and last week was my first real week. Well though in saying that it was slightly messed up as one of the main lecturers is off sick for a while and the timetable has been changed but still............ after 21 years I got homework once again! 

My "Full time" course has me in college 3 days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My "Day Off" on Thursday, I thought I would begin focused on College work so..... Got up and shoved on my scabby old tracksuit bottom and hooded top. Went for the relaxed and chilled look, as a student should be! even managed to verge on the grunge look a bit! No shower so had the right hair too. Did the school run, came home, shoved on the dishwasher and washing matching, made myself a coffee and headed to the computer to get on with my homework before having a nice shower. 
All I can say is F*&K! Looked at the clock..9.25am, looked at the clock...12 noon! Hurried to have lunch, back at the PC at 1pm till 2.50pm. Had to end up just changing and trying to calm the hair till I went for Marcus. 

It seems my days off are not days off. I am glad that I found that out now. I had been warned to keep on top of the work load and I intend to. I want my evenings and weekends to remain my time as much as I can. So in order to do that I have to use my "days off" from college to do all my homework. I am hurriedly trying to finish my ECDL which I want out the way. So far I have passed 2 of the 7 or 8! This one I am on now is on Word Processing. Aint started it yet but have the exam on Monday night!!! The next few weeks may be busy!