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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

End of the Year post

Another year of regretting not posting in my blog enough as I so enjoy it to look back on. Its been an interesting year with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. Seen a rustic rural area of Southern Spain that was stunning and spent time with my ever loving and faithful family. Got my first Tattoo too....,

Ok end of the review..............

NEXT year its crunch time. As I write this post, in exactly 8 months 31/08/2015, I will be finished my placements and hopefully heading to University for the last time to hand in my paper work and become a Qualified Nurse. I WILL(starting serious diet and exercise after the Vol au vent feast on Hogmanay)  be doing that 2 stone lighter though maybe limping as on the 30th August I have the 16 mile Kilt Walk!

Instead of Uni work today on my Diabetes Essay I though it best to get my instagram to link to my blog instead. That way when I do not post a written post I can at least post a pic. I aim to do all the above AND post a daily thing on here next year.


Today's body magic #instablog