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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Big night ooooooooooot

Have a big night out this weekend. My friend Sharon who I go walking and to Zumba with turns 40. For 4 whole days she will be older than me till its my turn.......

Anyways, started the pre night out prep so today was the hair and eyebrows. Hair got cut and coloured and Eyebrows waxed.  My hair now has 4 colours through it, purple, blonde, copper and brown. I am taken with it but its in a slightly different style. Its more shaped round my face BUT I am having to resist tucking it behind my ears which is my usual. 
Tomorrow night sees the hair removal process on other areas ( which I won't blog about hahahaha)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Grumpy Biatch

Oh the title fits me good today. I  started off today in a bad mood having sat at the PC with my morning cuppa and clicked on Facebook. God dam copy / paste crap does my head in. All I could see what people who had copy pasted from others.  Copy paste this is if you know some one with Cancer, Copy paste this if you know someone who has been at war, Copy paste this if you know a bully, copy paste this if you know someone who has died.......who has lived......who had farted on a bus copy paste this if you have been eaten by a dodo.  To be honest Facebook is boring me. Its getting to me but I just can't delete my account..............yet. I have however downloaded all my data so its can't be long before I hit the Big Red G.T.F button. But at the moment I am just too nosey....

Slimming..........Grrrr that pissed me off big time today too! Have been semi good this week. All my meals were good, I did have slightly more snackery than I should normally have BUT I am exercising 4 times a week! FOUR!  Two of them are hour long Zumba sessions, then 2 walks with the girls. These are decent paced walks and last about 2 hours! 7 miles average and I go to slimming tonight to have GAINED a pound and a half!
 I know however that my body is changing, that I am toning up, that my clothes are looser and that muscle is heavier etc etc etc but its such a kick in the teeth to work so hard then gain. 

BUT on the positives I decided to cheer myself up by seeing measurements and how they have changed since I started Slimming and exercise.

All losses

Chest -11cm 
Waist -15cm
Thigh -6cm
Upper Arm -4cm
Hips -11cm

Which I am so chuffed with.
Anyways, onwards and upwards.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Garden pics before and afters

My Tatties


This flower bed became...


Saturday Autumn walk

Was out nice and early this morning for a walk with Frodo. It was such a lovely autumnal day I thought I would take some photos.Came home to find the camera on my mobile was on the smallest settings so pics are not that sharp. Autumn for me is a glorious time. I adore the colours on the trees and I like that fresher chill feel that hits your face as you walk. Give it a few more weeks and I will be crossing over just to walk through leaves and kick them. They say that you tend to naturally like the season you were born in best. If that is true then it works for me. I was born in October and adore Autumn. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

the pain of being a woman!

Was having a good day then this comes in with the dreaded words.........Our records show that you are now due to have a cervical screening test!!!!!!!!!!!!! one word that covers it........GAWDDAMMIT

Oh the pain of being a woman sometimes. I remember years ago a friend of mine was going to get hers and her description will remain with me forever. As she left work she turned and said, " gonna run home home for a quick shower with some dettol, bleach and a scrubbing brush first" 

Back to it!

So............... need to get started with my slimming again. Its not like I have been on plan ( as they call it) but I ain't been as bad as I could of been.Had a KFC this week and managed to loose half a pound. I am eating far healthier than I would be if I was not doing it. BUT I need to loose weight. I have set myself a goal of a stone before Christmas.So today marks day 1 of that. Just need to get my finger out, focus and do it. Thursdays and Tuesdays are my favourite days. I don't start work till 12.15 so have the morning and lunch at home. Today I got out the recipe book and have got on Chicken Noodle soup. Well....its kinda that, I cant do noodles, they have since I was a kid reminded me of worms HA-HA and to this day I still cant eat them unless I cut them up into just 1cm long bits....... so its Chicken and PASTA soup. Little healthy wholemeal pasta shells. Got Zumba tonight too. Exercise is the main key to me loosing weight too. The diet of course helps 100% but my body needs exercise to shift the mass bulk ha-ha.

end result........

On another wee note my poor pup ( I call him my pup but he is 6) had to get an operation this week. He had 2 little wart like growths growing on his top right eye lid. He has had them for about a year now and the vet recommended we got them off now. If not he would loose allot of his eye lid at a later time. Cause of the delicate area around the eye and the dissolving stiches it will itch badly so he has a lampshade collar on.

 Poor guy is getting better at it today ( Thursday) but its taken since Tuesday for him to learn how to do 3 point turns to get anywhere. 

He managed this morning to get up stairs and onto my bed once Mike had left. Funny things pets, If Mike is about he will never do that. As soon as Mike shuts the gate in the morning and leaves for work its like a baby elephant charging up stairs and on to my bed. Got to love him.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fat pic!

Need to get my finger out with the slimming and focus again, Here is the latest FAT pix that was found of me, this one would be better at slimming as I look humongous in it ha-ha

BRING ON THE HEALTHY STUFF! Also bring on me doing this weekly again! Starting Thursday morning with my latest update

My 2 newest gizmos

Since starting slimming, food and how I cook it has become a huge part of my life.  I invested in my 3rd George Foreman yesterday. Love these machines. My 1st one was a huge round one that I loved till it went on fire ha-ha. The 2nd one was way too small. It only held 2 steaks and there are 4 of us so it kinda worked its way to the cupboard then the bin. This new one was only £29.

My 2nd new thing is something I have wanted for years! I have been eyeing this one up in Matalan for ages and ages, finally I got it at the weekend for the bargain price of £1.50! We all adore eggs in this house and go through them in no time. I tend to buy a big tray from the local farm shop and keep them in the fridge. They are best kept at room temperature. Fried, poached, hard boiled, omelettes, scrambled....... LOVE eggs


My latest find on the web is a site that lists freebies for ladies! Its ace! So far I have got face creams, shampoo's, coffee, tea and this Burberry perfume. Well worth a look, I have it on Facebook but there are more offers on the site.

Kelly WRVS

My wee baby has got herself a little job. Its a non paid job. Working for the WRVS at the local hospital cafe and shop. So proud of her for doing this. A lot of kids these days just want money money money, Kelly has her head screwed on and knows this will boost her confidence and will look ace on any applications for jobs or University's  You go girl!!