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Friday, 20 April 2012

Slimming World Meat and Egg Loaf

At my Slimming World group they have loads of books on the centre tables. These are older books but I saw this and fancied it. I took a photo of it and made it tonight. I thought it was extremely tasty and will make it again.
Picture from my phone

1st mixed all the ingredients then placed half into a square shape. It is meant to be in a 1lb tin but I don't have one. Mine is 2lb so doing it in foil

2nd I added some boiled eggs,  Recipe said 2 but I added 3 to be a rebel!!

3rd, I placed the rest of the mince recipe on the top and tried to make it square.

Wrapped up and placed in my bigger tin.

an hour later is not the prettiest thing to look at...

but it was delicious. I had it with Chips and Beetroot.

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